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Medicine Hat College to require COVID vaccinations for 2022

September 13, 2021

Medicine Hat College (MHC) announced today that COVID-19 vaccines will be required for those working and learning at the institution starting in January 2022.

A group of nine institutions will be moving towards mandatory vaccinations in the coming weeks and months to support the health and wellness of their campus communities.

“This decision was not made lightly, and we are grateful for the support of the post-secondary community as we work together to provide the safest possible environment for students and employees,” says Kevin Shufflebotham, president and CEO at MHC. “We know there will be many questions and details to work through, which is why we will take a staged approach with implementation starting in January 2022."

The move to mandatory vaccination is supported by local health care professionals.  

“Vaccination is the single best step an individual can take in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I welcome this step to protect the health of college students, faculty, staff, and the community at large. Please protect yourself and your loved ones with vaccinations,” says Dr. Nicoelle Wanner, family physician.  

President Emergency Medicine of the Alberta Medical Association, Dr. Paul Parks, sees the reality of the pandemic on the front lines every day.  

“The impact of COVID-19 on individuals and our entire health system continues to grow. Treatment of COVID patients is putting other health care at risk yet we have safe vaccines that protect individuals, families, and the community. I fully support Alberta’s colleges and universities as they implement mandatory vaccination on their campuses.”  

MHC will employ a staged approach that may include:

  • The use of rapid testing as an alternative to proof of vaccination
  • Working with specific groups to implement proof of vaccination, or rapid testing
  • Bringing additional clinics to campus to support access

“We ask for everyone’s patience and support as we work together in the coming weeks to further protect the health and wellness of our communities,” adds Shufflebotham. “We remain committed to delivering quality education and services in the safest environment possible and believe this is the best way forward.”